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Ouhai SPB Industrial Co.,Ltd located in Zhejiang,China, it is one of sub-companies of SPB Industrial Co.,Limited

Based on the updated production lines, skillful staffs we producing various of slide bearing bushings and pads.

The main products of Ouhai SPB Industrial Co.,Ltd including wrapped bronze bushing (WB700, WB702, WB800, WB802, FB090, FB092, BZM, BMB), oiles soild bronze bushing and pad (JDB,JFB,JTW,JSB, SOB, SOBF, SPB, SFB), PTFE lined bushing (DU,SF-1,PAP P10), POM lined bushing (DX, SF-2, PAP P20), bimetal bearing, FZ oil sintered bushing and ball retainer cages.

Our factory is in ISO9001 quality management system certificated. Equipment including sintering line, shping line, gauge machines, NC high precision machines, CNC centers etc.

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