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Oilless slide bearing bushings catalogue Index

Products Catalogue Index of Sliding Oilless Bushing Bearings


Our company produce various slide bushings, washers and plate pads in Metric flange bearing and slide crankshaft thrust washer plates supplier. Products similar to standard of GGB Glacier Garlock self lubrication sliding sleeve shoulder bushings bearing manufacturer



Model Number: PE (SF-1,SF-1H,SF-1W,SF-1F,DU,PAP P10)

Teflon coating metal base self lubricating oil free dry bushes)

PTFE inner layer oilless bronze bushing washer catalogue

Steel backed composite material cylinder or flanged oilless bearing bushing catalog

Stainless steel backing PTFE lined oil less sleeve bush bearing manufacturer

Application: Textile machines,tobacoo machines,hydraulic vechicles,gear pumps,plunger pumps,vane pumps,cement grouting pumps,screw convery,food machines,metallurgy industry,automobile,motorcycle damper,and oil pumps,etc


Model number: SF-2,SF-2H,DX,PAP P20

Plain POM coated steel backing composite bushes

Plastic lined boundary lubricating truck chassis bushings

Application:vehicle chasiss,forming machine tools,steel powder metallurgy machinery,mining machinery,etc


Model number: WB700,WB702,WB800,WB802,FB090,FB092,FB090H,FB092H

High lead Pb brass sleeve rolled split bush bearings inc stock manufacturer

Metric CuSN6.5 wrapped bronze cylinder and flanged bearing bushings supplier limited

CuSn8 material wrapped bronze hydraulic pump bushes and thrust washer bearing design

Applications:Agricultural machines,forest machines,hydrualic hoist damper,construction machines,building machines,turck break,etc



Cast brass base cyldiner or flanged SL2 graphite pluuged casting bronze die set bushings and guide plate suppliers

Oiles #500 SP1 oilless oil free self lubricated solid bronze bushing bearings mold components manufacturer as per sankyo misusmi punch 

oil less marine application self lube wear plates thrust washers bronze bearing

offshore self lubricating aluminum bronze thrust pad washer plate bearing PTFE SL4 lubricants hull hatch cover slide pads

oilless industry oiles marine shaft propeller lead copper bronze bearing bushings

Application:continous casting machine,mining machine,marines,ships,off-shore,steam engine,injection molding machine,auto punch molds,lathe grinding,milling cnc machines,steering shaft,transmission,drying machine, fireplace etc.


Model No: JF-800,JF-700.JF-720

bi metal bushing wheel flange bearing

gear box pump bimetallic alloy thrust plate washer bearings

steel backed bronze bush bimétal bearing factory

Usage:engine rod,crankshaft,hoist lift,crane,gear pump,construction machine,auto parts,etc


oil impregnated sae 841 sintered bronze oilite sleeve bush bearing

SAE660 oil sintered bronze or iron bushings bearings products manufacturers

Cylinder,flanged,square,shperical brass Cu663 bronze bushes,stainless steel parts, gears

Compared with bushings produced in India, our material is more pure and stronger


guide post pillar bush mold element balls retainer supplier

brass, aluminum or plastic ball retainer ball bearing cage bush components producers

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