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WF-WB800 Flanged Bushing Bronze

WF-WB800 Harden Flanged Wrapped Bronze Bearing Bushing

is made of bronze plate with oil pockets. It is a kind of wrapped greased (also sometimes graphite) lubricating bushing bearing. Bronze material normally in CuSn8,sonetimes in CuSn6.5, the bronze is made as the particular formulation with high specific and gravity, and on its surface may be incorporated with spherical or diamond shaped indentations or/and oil grooves as required by customers. The products are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.

WF-WB800 is flanged bronze bearing in hardness HB125-HB150, material in CuSn6.5 or CuSn8.It is also called BMB,FB090F.





Flanged, Oil Pockets,Harden



Max. Load Pressure

100 N/mm2

Max. Linear Speed


Max. PV

2.8 N/mm* m/s

Tensile Strength

460 N/mm2

Yield Strength

260 N/mm2


WF-WB800 Harden Wrapped Flanged Bronze Bushing



WF-WB800 in oil holes = WF-WB802 bronze bush

WF-WB800 in sleeve = S-WB800 bronze bush

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